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21.05.2024 23:10
Kye (

ActivityPub might be a transitional technology


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21.05.2024 23:06
frankmorrow (

if you have two *active* masto accounts and you set one to move to another, does it *merge* or *replace* your followers?

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21.05.2024 21:03
grishka (

So, no longer requires a username when signing up. You instead get assigned one automatically, of the form "idXXX" where XXX is the ID for your user record. You can change it later in settings if you wish. Current Mastodon versions handle this change no problem.

The username is only visible in two places:
- The URL of your profile
- When someone mentions you
So it's not very important. Definitely not important enough to be a required field when you register.

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21.05.2024 17:32

So apparently Logbook of the World is down. For new hams who don't know, #LOTW is the ARRL's cloud-based offering for logging ham radio contacts.

Hypothetically, if LoTW says down for a protracted period or if it comes back up with significant loss of data, could a community driven replacement be built on top of #ActivityPub?

Let me know if that's a less than ideal use-case for ActivityPub.

#hamradio #askfedi

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21.05.2024 15:20
mfru (

let's learn activitypub!

i figured if i am to do this it would be great to make roadblocks, hard and confusing parts and annoyances public.

naturally, i am going to collect things that i, particularly, thought about while reading through the spec and related documents.

so here we go, yay! (i hope)

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21.05.2024 14:01
mfru (

i am really into racket and activitypub at the moment.

makes me want to implement the spec in racket as a learning project.

basically, i want to write a reference client and server and then make it as easy as possible to adapt to other flavours (like mastodon)

unfortunately, i haven't found any (parenthesized) implementations so far (though Guile-Mastodon is a start) that i can use as a base, so it seems that i would have to try from scratch.

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21.05.2024 12:16
omz13 (

My server is receiving “GET /poco” requests from servers (based on the user-agent). Can anybody point me to the documentation for this behavior?

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21.05.2024 09:24
Natanox (

Thinking about attempting to code an #ActivityPub service as a learning project, and to perhaps solve the social lock-in issue of gaming platform profiles that really pisses me off. 🤔

I really really don't like #DRM, however I'm way too attached to my almost 20 year old #Steam profile and like to do video game achievements. Having a unified, federated profile that pulls its data from all the different sources (Steam, PSN, Xbox, and especially GOG) would be neat. #gaming

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20.05.2024 20:40
egonw (

I do not know how the local timelines or other #mastodon / #activitypub servers are, but I have two accounts. One local timeline is unbearable, with various issues. The other one, on this server, too few is happening. And with with the current 1-a-month growth, I doubt this is going to change. Sure, I can follow more people, follow hashtags, but sometimes it's nice to just walk into a local timeline and what's up. But this bar is empty, the other smells like a sewer

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20.05.2024 10:15
mapto (

thanks to @amministratore for pointing this out and sadly no simple way to QT:

"През 2024 за пръв път най-накрая имаме усещането, че има критична маса от хора и платформи, които се интересуват от преоткриване на интернет, за да върнат това, което сме загубили, и да създадат нещо ново. Само през изминалата седмица проведохме разговори с #Mastodon, #Flipboard, #TheVerge, #Buttondown, #WriteFreely и някои автори на #ActivityPub. Това може да е годината на отворената мрежа"

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19.05.2024 22:59
indubitablyodin (

My latest newsletter, where I slam Facebook, talk up Ghost's adoption of ActivityPub, and contemplate some Taoism.

#Newsletter #Blog #Thoughts #Ghost #ActivityPub #Writing #Writer #Author #WritingCommunity #Sunday #Tao #Taoism #AI #LLMS #SocialMedia

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19.05.2024 21:22
jwildeboer (

Let’s continue to build the #InternetOfPeople here with #ActivityPub and leave the #InternetOfBrandsAndAds to be consumed by “AI” and #SurveillanceCapitalism

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