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23.06.2024 21:49
laurenshof (

In my latest newsletter I wrote that I think that #activitypub is better suited for longform content. As a practical illustration of this: my wordpress account is followed by some 500 people, and the blogs itself get just as much engagement as the microblog posts where I announce the blog post to 7k followers. I dont even boost my full-length wordpress blog posts from my main 7k followers account because I want to see this effect in action

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23.06.2024 21:17
lazcorp (

Managed a bit more work today on the ActivityPub integration for my blog.

All the GET requests are done (I think) including a paginated Outbox. Next will come the somewhat-trickier signed POST requests. This may take some time...


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23.06.2024 19:00
box464 (

.NET is making its way into the fediverse. IceShrimp.NET, Toki, Letterbook, Smilodon to name a few!

From: @prefetcher

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23.06.2024 18:48
objects (

Welp, there’s an ActivityVocabulary property that is only implied to be in the class hierarchy: orderedItems! :kjubej_pafita:

That was a fun error to debug, I love ActivityPub! :gutkato_hihias:

#lang_en #programming #activitypub [🔗]

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23.06.2024 18:40
josemurilo (

"Both #ActivityPub and #ATProtocol developers are receptive to making the 2 better at communicating with one another, and independent projects like #BridgyFed, #SkyBridge, #RSSParrot and #Mastofeed are already letting users get the best of both worlds.
Today a growing number of projects speak both #protocols, along with older ones like RSS.
…their shared trajectory is moving us towards a more free, more open and refreshingly weird social web free of platform gatekeepers."

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23.06.2024 13:36
kkarhan (

@mook @MastodonEngineering Personally, I do want to see some #ActivityPub implementation that doesn't require a full #VPS to be setup can run off a basic #WebHost with a managed, permisionless #XAMPP / #LAMP stack like any decent #CMS developed in the last 20 years...

I would consider #SelfHosting but I've got more pressing things to do in my life and I'd rather chip in a donation to any instance I'd be using in the meantime...

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23.06.2024 11:48
dajb (

New #introduction time:

👋 Hey, I've been here on the Fedi (via different instances) for the last 7 years.

Founding member of @weareopencoop working at the intersection of #learning, #technology & #community.

Was PM of #MoodleNet, a decentralised digital commons built on #ActivityPub from 2018-2020 which has morphed into @bonfire, a federated app toolkit.

Wrote doctoral thesis on #digitalliteracies. Was on Mozilla's #OpenBadges team. Now pursuing MSc in #SystemThinking

I like 🏔️🥃⚽

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23.06.2024 00:54
talksina (

@davidbisset This is my decision as well - for first months when I put my site online again, I'm going to keep #jetpack and #activitypub working one next to the other; then, I'll decide whether or not getting rid of jetpack. The idea of federating is simply the top!!!

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22.06.2024 21:02
risottobias (

#FediForum Denver meetup!

September 2nd from 6-8PM at the Milkbox Ice Creamery in Union Station

come talk about #ActivityPub with @benpate and I :)

cc @fedidevs / @fediforum

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22.06.2024 19:43
tux0r (

Ich war $heute Jahre alt, als ich herausfand, dass ich mit einem Honkkonto Beiträge und Kommentare auf Lemmy verfassen kann. Huch. #ActivityPub

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22.06.2024 17:00
lazcorp (

One day someone will (re-) launch a site where you can test your own ActivityPub implementation, one JSON page at a time

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22.06.2024 05:25
notes (

Question for protocol designers/implementers. Do you think letting users control their cryptographic keys like #Nostr does is an improvement over the approach followed by #ActivityPub?

Whether it's from a technical or usability perspective, I'd like to hear what you think.

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