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18.06.2024 07:58
zoul (

I am thinking about adding #ActivityPub support to some of the projects I work on. I have only started looking at ActivityPub, but it seems very “imperative” or “mutable” to me, being mostly built on the message sending primitive. Is there a way – a library, a service – to make it work a bit like RSS from the publisher’s point of view? Ie. I would publish a static feed of posts to be delivered to my followers and the mutable stuff would happen “automatically”, as an implementation detail.

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18.06.2024 01:56
Drivingralle (

Wir müssen das #Exel des #Socialmedia attraktiver machen und die Fehler von Email und RSS vermeiden:
#Masterdon #ActivityPub #rp24

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17.06.2024 21:38
dansup (


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17.06.2024 18:57
MegaMichelle (

I believe that fedi needs a Meow Activity. That would efficiently encode all the meowing that goes on here.

@cwebber , how do we go about adding this to the spec?


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17.06.2024 10:10
marcelweiss (

There's also an English version of my talk at this year's re:publica about Europe's apparent lack of will to help shape the open social web.

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17.06.2024 10:00
marcelweiss (

Mein Talk von der ist jetzt online: Wo ist Europas Gestaltungswille beim Social Web?

und co.

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17.06.2024 01:45
objects (
@3bf0c63fcb93463407af97a5e5ee64fa883d107ef9e558472c4eb9aaaefa459d @0461fcbecc4c3374439932d6b8f11269ccdb7cc973ad7a50ae362db135a474dd @9be0be0e64d38a29a9cec9a5c8ef5d873c2bfa5362a4b558da5ff69bc3cbb81e @e4641d0eed71d2d0c0f68cd3508d50fcdb1954ac1ccda269ddbb7a7897c22614
#Mastodon doesn't even implement #ActivityPub correctly.

#Ditto is in a really good place for being a first release. It only gets better from here.

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16.06.2024 22:17
farooqkz (


The time to find an alternative to #ActivityPub has come long ago and it is #nostr (the alternative). AP has a major disadvantage

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16.06.2024 19:05
jwildeboer (

Do I know a good female singer that would enjoy to make a remix of the #vengaboys “up and down” called “block and mute” to explain #ActivityPub to the masses? ;)

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16.06.2024 17:07
lwflouisa (

Like privacy have always been a thing on #activitypub, if your issue is like privacy, maybe youre actually the problem minorities should worry about.

But once again Twitter user give away how anti privacy they are.

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16.06.2024 15:16
jenzi (

Yes but can I use this login with other services?

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16.06.2024 14:58
notes (

"... a little campfire attracting a fascinating band of misfits...", probably the best description of the state #activitypub protocol right now.


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