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16.06.2024 14:31
carl (

@johnonolan I agree completely. Its fascinating and interesting to follow the development of #activitypub and its meandering. We proposed it as a standard for engagement by public actors in the Nordic countries last year and I feel even more strongly for this suggestion now. I want public procurement for all public organisations wanting to procure CMS systems to state ActivityPub as a must have. That would be cool.

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16.06.2024 09:27
psfshr (

Anybody know of an #ActivityPub based #BlogRoll style service/server?
Setting up a full Mastodon account is probably overkill, ideally wants to be something like Pocket or Instapages with ActivityPub integration

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16.06.2024 08:18
posts (

Re: Commenting via Mastodon

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16.06.2024 07:53
mina (


The purpose of #ActivityPub is publishing so, I don't think, the idea of turning it into a messaging protocol is going to fall on fertile soil within the developer community.

Additionally, any kind of encryption has to happen *before* a message is sent to the instance, otherwise it would only hide the communication between instances, which doesn't make sense at all.

With that in mind, blaming the server software (Mastodon, Lemmy, PixelFed etc.) is


@jeff @mattblaze @gruber

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16.06.2024 05:26
hongminhee (

From your view, what are the top priorities for future #Hollo development?

#fedidev #ActivityPub

Custom emojis

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16.06.2024 04:29
hongminhee (

I'm very excited that the #Ghost team has chosen #Fedify to implement #ActivityPub. I've been working closely with the Ghost team, and it's been a lot of fun, and I can't wait to see the ActivityPub implementation at Ghost.


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16.06.2024 02:14
notes (

So where's the #FOSS & #activitypub compatible #miiverse?


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15.06.2024 22:46
box464 (

Ghost will be using the open source Fedify server framework to manage the activitypub bits and pieces of their service.

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15.06.2024 18:20
problem-folge-mir-block-geloest (

Interessant. Ich habe nun mal versuchsweise das Friends Plugin deaktiviert und siehe da, der Block „Folge mir im Fediverse wird nun korrekt dargestellt. Mal schauen ob es auch für das Problem des Fedi Blogprofils verantwortlich war.

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #FriendsPlugin #Wordpress

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15.06.2024 16:55
witchescauldron (

@evan ahaa.. the agenda is that #ActivityPub is the culture, so the technology is important, but the serendipity that allowed a #lifecult to slip past the #deathcult when the #dotcons people turned up to that first few #WC3 meetings then went away saying nothing interesting here...

The value is the history of how we got there, the spec is a footnote, it's the (cultural) ideas that are embodied in the spec that have the power. And if you dig a little, it's clearly a #counterculture :)

All revolutions are built from this

Let's nurture this please

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14.06.2024 23:04
redstone (

@wjmaggos these fedi projects are all young, so I am optimistic they'll iron out the kinks as they mature. This seems to be an idea pretty much everyone would agree with.

I just read the #ActivityPub spec the other day, and it seems like support is just a matter of mapping each type of action and actor to its counterpart in the other fedi server any UI needed to accommodate these.

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14.06.2024 22:51
redstone (

@wjmaggos Agreed the interop should be better. However, I do think replicating the UI of their proprietary counterparts is a good idea so that new users can have a familiar-ish experience.

A lot of this integration is possible with the #activitypub spec. I think the latest version of #lemmy just added hashtags based on the community where the post originates. I think it also translates upvotes into favorites.

I should make a Lemmy account to test interop.

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