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13.07.2024 00:28
txt_file (

@matt am curious Why don't you want to use #Linode compilation instead of your distributions compilation?

Directly loading kernel (and maybe initramfs) via qemu parameters sounds actually beneficial. They know their hardware and software and can optimize their kernel. Like removing all useless drivers.

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04.07.2024 04:32
matt (

#linode has been overriding whatever #linux kernel I had installed with their own provided kernel for who-knows-how-long and I didn't even know it

pretty sure i never opted into it, but looks like i can opt out

Linode kernel: Linode also maintains kernels that can be used on a Compute Instance. If selected, these kernels are provided to your Compute Instance at boot (not directly installed on your system).

you're scary, VPS.

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03.07.2024 22:41
ezivkovic (

Seems like the Open part of #OpenSSH means "Open to anyone". I'm _real tired_ of it, and I'm done managing OpenSSH myself. From now on the only way into my servers is through #Linode's managed LISH proxy thing.

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03.07.2024 12:13
kaasbaas (

Got a "overage credit" today from #Linode (sorry, "Akamai").

So.. this was weird, and I went looking.

Seems they charged me 16c for June 2024 for, what I deduce is network "over use".

Not a is the thing... I kinda agv about 1 (that's ONE) percent of the available bandwidth per month.

So, there is NO FUCKING way I went over.

So 16c ain't a lot, but it's a friggin weird error to make while I still had 99% points left....

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01.07.2024 17:04
waynedixon (

I'm not super irritated by this, but it is quite inconvenient for those who card gets automatically charged. Maybe it's just me, but should have probably paused charging cards until it is rectified, but maybe that's just my own thinking. I’m not sure how many people it affects, nor how many get automatically charged, but it's just a thought.

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01.07.2024 16:04
waynedixon (

I was going to post about how I strangely got charged for overages on my virtual servers... I didn't get charged that much ($0.31), but it would be VERY strange for me to go over my allotment of 5TB.

I can easily get over 1TB at home, and even up to 2.25 TB some months. But for those months I'm downloading huge game updates. There is NO way that my 2 servers could go through 5TB of data. If you use , you might see overage charges. Incident at

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30.06.2024 13:20
axelrafn (

After listening to the latest #LinuxDevTime #Podcast yesterday, I got to thinking that most of my repos on #Github are private anyway, so why not move to a #Selfhosted solution instead?
So I just put together a #Debian #VPS at #Linode to host my owh #GitBucket instead.

Now to start moving data from Github.

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28.06.2024 23:36
MarvinFreeman (

Any suggestions for an alternative to #linode? It has gotten too pricey for me.


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20.06.2024 20:13
nesc (

Не можу залогінитися на 😿

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05.06.2024 22:59
item (
Heute, wieder einmal ein paar Stunden Zeit für die Firewall meines Servers investiert. Es bahnte sich bereits an, dass die Spielverderber wieder einen Schwung neuer Adressen geordert haben. Es sind wieder einige /24 Netzwerke geworden. PaloAlto und Linode waren dieses mal überproportional vertreten und die Scans werden subtiler. Naja, das syslog sieht wieder ganz gut aus.

#cybersecurity #firewall #server #linux #paloalto #linode #admin #syslog #webserver #mailserver

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30.05.2024 19:33
earth_walker (

Looking at switching from #Linode/Akamai to a less expensive #VPS provider. #Hetzner and #Ionos have jumped out at me so far, can anyone share their experiences with these or other affordable VPS providers? I'm not trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel BTW, just seems that there are cheaper options than Linode that will offer a similar quality of service.

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27.05.2024 20:45
matt (

Sorry for the small burst of downtime, folks. #Linode has had a couple hardware issues with nodes and one of our #redis replicas ended up with data corruption.

The replica failed to shut down so the only way to delete its data was to reboot its host hardware. Everything should be online now.

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