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22.05.2024 01:52
mick (

This strikes me as an issue.

We have the capacity to run 40 workers (following the change I made last week, documented earlier in this thread.)

We have fairly huge backlog of pull queue jobs.

Why aren’t we running every available worker to clear this backlog? 🤔

It might be necessary to designate some threads specifically for the pull queue in order to keep up with whatever is going on here, but I am open to suggestions.


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21.05.2024 23:28
BeAware (

Gonna be quite honest. I'm VERY annoyed right now that I bought a new tablet and I can't use Megalodon or Moshidon because they don't see my instance as a "mastodon instance" even though it most definitely is....😑😳

If anyone has any ideas if theres a way to fix this on my end, please let me know. Cause this is quite depressing...I bought this tablet so I'd have something bigger for Fedi, but there's nothing quite like Megalodon/Moshidon....🤦‍♂️

CC: @moshidon @megalodon

#Fedi #Fediverse #Megalodon #Moshidon #Android #Mastodon #MastoAdmin

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21.05.2024 18:47
BeAware (

Now I'm wondering. If I didn't setup cloudflare with Backblaze for my mastodon instance from the start, could it be done and updated in the .env.production or would that screw it all up?🤔

#Mastodon #MastoAdmin #Fedi #Fediverse

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21.05.2024 16:43
BeAware (

As an instance admin on Mastodon, you can change the character limit for posts.

However, can you change the character limit for bios?🤔

If so, how do?

#Fedi #Fediverse #Mastodon #FediAdmin #MastoAdmin

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21.05.2024 14:40
FoW (

이미 해결을 찾으셨을 거 같지만 말씀 얹어보자면…… 오브젝트 스토리지와의 연결 대기가 길어지면 끊어지는 것이라 명령줄이나 ENV에 타임아웃 적당히 늘려주면 된다고 합니다!


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21.05.2024 06:09
post (

Sometimes we get spam. It's always caught by our post queue because we're a relatively small community and new registrants always get their submissions queued for approval.

Almost always it's obvious. Either it's just a plain ad, or tons of word salad... more recently it's AI generated crap which all sounds the same.

This week we're starting to see posts come on with innocuous content, like "me too" posts with slightly more content. What did surprise me was that they contained hidden links. Up until now I was seeing actual text hyperlinked, so they turned blue. With no actual anchor text, the anchor still exists, but is just invisible.

So I think a good next step here is replacing all links with empty anchors with a bright red hidden link element.

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21.05.2024 00:02
ch0ccyra1n (

Are you an admin of a fedi instance? Consider adding #Tor Federation support!

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin

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20.05.2024 06:11
quanin (

On domain blocks, instance administration, and Threads

Question someone asked me a couple days ago: "So I heard your instance isn't blocking Threads... are you concerned?"
Uh. About... what, exactly? The 169 accounts on Threads that my instance is aware of pretty much have 0 interaction with my instance. There's a time and a place for domain blocking. 99% of problems can be solved at the user level. If you wouldn't block because of a few spammers, you shouldn't block
Follow-up: "But Meta has no business on the fediverse!"
And Google has no business doing email, but you're a Gmail user. If you don't want to use Threads, don't make an account on Threads. But not allowing someone to talk to you because they want to be on Threads is a terrible reason to not allow someone to talk to you.

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19.05.2024 06:06
yeri (

Can say that my #Cloudflare #R2 block storage for #Mastodon is massively growing. A year ago it was stable at ~80-89Gb, but lately it's heading to 200Gb+ #Mastoadmin

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19.05.2024 01:20
mick (

@polotek @thisismissem I feel this. There’s very little clear documentation that describes how to even go about getting a clear picture of how queues are performing over time.

That’s sorta why I started this thread. A lot of what I’ve figured out about running a server has come from the community of #MastoAdmin figuring it out in public.

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18.05.2024 17:55
cadusilva (

Admin, if you're reading this, consider using a CDN to deliver your media.

You can use services like Cloudflare (for free) or Bunny CDN (for cheap).

Recurrently, images and videos in a post fail to load here because it took too much time to download them.

And indeed, when you click to see the media, it takes a while to finish.

With a CDN you'll free your server from this load and distribute it via the CDN, from the closest point to your users.

Or, you know, other servers creating a cache of your images and videos. Mastodon does this by default.

Other platforms, like Akkoma, loads the file directly from your instance, so it's another burden taken away from your server if you use a CDN.

#MastoAdmin #FediAdmin #FediTips

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18.05.2024 05:58
paul (

Weekend is here so, now the 'No tomes Available' Sidekiq errors are starting to appear like clockwork as businesses that use their services do backups over the weekend put strain on Backblaze B2B and #Backblaze throttles available connections dynamically across their system.

Joy Joy for low-cost media storage of a #MastoAdmin. You get what we pay for. Luckily, for me, most of that media is from the Fediverse firehouse.

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