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23.06.2024 07:45
kukucourses (

Mautic Email Marketing Automation: Step by Step Guide with ChatGPT
#mautic #emailmarketing #marketingautomation #emailmarketingautomation #chatgpt

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01.05.2024 20:08
mauticcommunity (

Announcing big news - Mautic is joining the Google Summer of Code for the first time this year! 🌞💻

Welcoming Priyanshi Gaur & Ketu Patel for major projects creating an end-to-end test suite and improving the Mautic marketplace.

Coding kicks off on May 27 - read more in our blog post:

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26.04.2024 13:42
mauticcommunity (

We're super excited to announce the dates for Mautic Conference Global!

Join us online, July 10-11, learn more about Mautic’s powerful open source marketing automation platform.

We'll also have a training day on July 9.

Our call for speakers and workshop providers is now open, as are ticket sales.

Get your tickets at - the cheapest tickets are strictly limited - don't delay if you want to take advantage!

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25.04.2024 17:12
mauticcommunity (

Something BIG is brewing in the community! 🎉 Can you guess what's coming?

Stay tuned - reveal drops TOMORROW!

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15.04.2024 18:13
mauticcommunity (

Big to our incredible sponsor, Webmecanik! 🚀 They've been an integral part of our journey, and it's time we highlight their amazing contributions.

🔗 Read more about Webmecanik on our blog:

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12.04.2024 21:59
videos (

#Mautic Marketing Automation - Wie installier ich dieses Tool?

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09.04.2024 13:39
arawa (

💡 #COOLdays 2024 : Naomi Obbard a présenté les logiciels libres de l'équipe marketing de #CollaboraOnline, car chez eux comme chez nous, les #LogicielsLibres sont utilisés à tous les niveaux, et ce quotidiennement.
👋 @CollaboraOffice @inkscape @GIMP @mautic
#️⃣ #OpenSource #LogicielsLibres #FreeSoftware #Scribus #Inkscape #GIMP #Mautic

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28.03.2024 23:00
mautic (

🚀 Exciting news! 🚀 The Mautic Trials are now open to everyone! 💥

Thanks to our partnership with Dropsolid, you can now explore Mautic without even needing to install the software.

Ready to give it a whirl? Start your trial now or spread the word!


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26.03.2024 14:29
mauticcommunity (

We should probably do an for folks who don't know us!

@mautic is an open source project, licensed under GPL v3, the world's first open source marketing automation project.

Mautic began with a single focus. . We believe in giving every person the power to understand, manage, and grow their business or organization.

We're focused on helping this belief become a reality by getting powerful software into the hands of everyone.

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26.03.2024 14:27
mauticcommunity (

Hello world!

We are excited to join Mastodon as the official voice of the Mautic community.

Get ready for community-related news, updates, and much more.

Follow us and let's embark on this journey together.


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26.03.2024 14:25
mautic (

📣 Important news!

We're launching the official @mauticcommunity profile for all community-related news and updates.

Don't worry, this account @mautic will remain your go-to for all things product-related.

We felt it would be better for folks to be able to follow an account that's relevant for their interests - especially during busy community events!

Hop over and give us a follow! >> @mauticcommunity

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22.03.2024 20:28
mautic (

Let’s strategize on elevating Mautic’s visibility and positioning it as the forefront choice in marketing automation. Your insights and ideas are invaluable in this journey. Join us next week, Tuesday, March 26, for a collaborative session.

Let’s make Mautic shine!

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