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25.06.2024 12:01
pawelgrzybek (

Looking retrospectively, organising a local meet-up was a superb idea. I published a post about the origin of the initiative.

In case you are close to , pop in to our second meet-up on Thursday. We have sick speakers, beer, pizza and stickers!

@oliverjash 🫶

Event details:

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25.06.2024 11:31
dbu (

We have our talks for the next Symfony User Group Meetup in Zurich
Hope to see you on 11. 7. in the @liip office.
#symfony #meetup

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25.06.2024 10:45
ExcelAnalytics (

I keep getting this meaningless email from #Meetup - I clicked Unsubscribe so I hope it'll go away

" Meetup

You are 2 RSVPs away from 5 RSVPs"

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25.06.2024 01:54
wnb_rb (

Hey everyone! Don't forget, tomorrow is our online June meetup at 11am central timezone. Our special guests will be @luciagirasoles and Toni Rib, and we will dive into learning about Webbooks and infrastructure engineering. Come join us and be part of the event!

#ruby #meetup #women #nonbinary #wnb_rb

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24.06.2024 23:27
BayAreaPostgres (

We have a speaker for our July Meetup! Join us on Tuesday, July 9th at Noon PDT for “Check Your Privileges: The PostgreSQL Role System” with Christophe Pettus!

@xof @PostgreSQL #PostgreSQL #postgres #meetup

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24.06.2024 20:00
Appsterdam (

Join us on Wed 24-07-2024 19:00 at `Weekly Meeten en Drinken`.
More info: #Appsterdam #iOSDev #AndroidDev #Developers #Meetup

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24.06.2024 18:46
p (
With posting about our journey we are a bit delayed...

Currently we are in Budapest and we are very keen to cycle with the local critical mass this friday! Does someone of you know where and when exactly it will start? And is someone too in Budapest and up to have a beer, coffe, chat?

#cycling #bike #biketooter #budapest #hungary #meetup #criticalmass

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24.06.2024 05:30
rafe (

The weekly Atheists of Utah Sunday coffee meetup was small today but the conversation was good. I don't attend nearly as often as I'd like but it's always great to see and talk to everyone.

#Atheism #Atheist #ExMormon #Meetup #OgdenUtah #Utah

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23.06.2024 15:47
koos (

I want to find/organize an #event format that is like:

  1. A bookclub, but with participants bringing discussion topics instead of books
  2. A #meetup, but smaller (5–10 people) and with regulars instead of randos
  3. A panel #discussion, but without an audience
  4. A self-help #support group, but for work topics.
  5. #Mentoring, but with peers

What would you call something like that? Pretty sure someone has started something like that in my area, but I don't know where to look for it!

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23.06.2024 13:01
ainali (

Om en timme är det dags för vårt 200:e virtuella #Wikidata #fika! Kika gärna in och fika med oss om du är nyfiken, eller redan är aktiv, på Wikidata! Länk finns på
Video: Lea Lacroix (WMDE), CC BY-SA 4.0
(videon firar tio, så spela den 20 gånger 😉 )

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22.06.2024 20:53
torproject (

⏰⏲️ It's time! The operator is starting less than in 10 minutes:

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22.06.2024 10:41
yantar92 (

Meeting notes can be found at
#OrgMeetup #orgmode #meetup

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