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22.05.2024 00:48
a (@a@pdx.social)

If I have an #obsidian vault, is there an easy way to turn it into a series of webpages that I can hand someone on a USB stick or similar?

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22.05.2024 00:15
dhry (@dhry@mastodon.social)

Why is the fact that built-in cannot have their columns vertically resized, triggering me so much? I mean surely it isn't that difficult to implement. I know it's not a spreadsheet. I know the idea is to keep it simple wrt markdown.

Apparently you can embed html code in a note to render tables differently? Anyone know how tf to do that? forum.obsidian.md/t/change-wid

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21.05.2024 21:03
webology (@webology@mastodon.social)

Question for friends, when do you pivot into multiple vaults?

My main vault has 100s of docs in it now, and most are from my micro blogging and random projects.

This seems to work fine, but it kind of blew up on me while trying to use my iPhone and iPad to take notes and write on the plane.

I re-synced everything sooner than later, and the writing experience was đź’Ż on the flight back, but it was a no-go on my flights to Pittsburgh.

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21.05.2024 17:36
Marco_Mindstone (@Marco_Mindstone@mstdn.business)

1/2 The third video of the series “@obsidian Vault Creation” is now live!
In this episode we will talk about notes creation and their organization within our #Obsidian Vault.


#productivity #pkm #notetaking #obsidianvault #tutorial

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21.05.2024 17:27
amerpie (@amerpie@social.lol)

Using #Obsidian as as Life Record: amerpie.lol/2024/05/21/using-o

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21.05.2024 14:15
nigel (@nigel@snac.lowkey.party)
After listening to @amolith@nixnet.social on the @linuxlads@fosstodon.org I am giving #Logseq a decent go again: I'll try it for 2 weeks and see where I end up. I wrote in my Bullet Journal once this month, so I can't be worse than that. I am using my #Obsidian folder already set up with #Syncthing between devices, and it seems fine with that.

Obsidian lasted... not long, but I think I was trying to be too rigid with it. So I'll try not to be so much this time.

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21.05.2024 13:00
TfTHacker (@TfTHacker@pkm.social)

Create a dashboard for #Obsidian with Canvas.

What a great idea Jake, check out his article at the Obsidian Observer link.medium.com/84CAnboOLJb (Medium Member Only)

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21.05.2024 12:06
Papeleo (@Papeleo@mastodon.social)

@againman @obsidian

Mein Lieblings-Plugin fĂĽr ist definitiv .

Außerdem "Webpage HTML Export", allerdings mit Einschränkungen, da die produzierte Webseite (genauer gesagt: die Graph-Darstellung) Skripte von Cloudfront und Cloudflare zur Laufzeit anzieht, was ich nicht möchte. Das könnte man verbessern.

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21.05.2024 10:19
againman (@againman@bildung.social)

Frage an alle @obsidian Nutzer: was sind eure Lieblings-Extensions und wofür nutzt ihr sie? Bin da grad erst am Entdecken und schwer angetan. 🤩 #obsidian

Gerne boosten

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21.05.2024 09:10
thomas_mathoi (@thomas_mathoi@mastodon.social)

Das Calendar-Plugin war eines der ersten, die ich installiert habe. Es erleichtert seither die Navigation zwischen den täglichen und wöchentlichen Notizen mit einer praktischen Kalenderansicht in der Seitenleiste von ...


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21.05.2024 09:01
alexture (@alexture@todon.eu)

Mon expérience après 4 ans d’Obsidian

J'avais dit, en 2020, que j'allais faire un article de blog entièrement consacré à mon utilisation d'Obsidian. On est en 2024 et il serait temps que je m'y mette : voici donc mon rapport à Obsidian. (Le titre de cet article est un mensonge, j'ai pas de date exacte sous la main mais il me semble avoir commencé Obsidian dans la deux


#fr #obsidian #PersonalKnowledgeManagement

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20.05.2024 21:52
Marco_Mindstone (@Marco_Mindstone@mstdn.business)

If you're working with intricate canvases, having the ability to apply filters to your cards can be extremely handy.

Canvas Filter is an @obsidian community plugin you should try!


#canvas #obsidian #plugin

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