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21.05.2024 22:09
spiezmaestro (@spiezmaestro@social.spiezmaestro.ch)

Operation #pihole implementation from 800+ km distance with my 85+ year old dad succeeded ✅

Cool that he is still open to try something new.

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20.05.2024 18:23
thoralf (@thoralf@soc.umrath.net)

Jetzt erinnere ich mich wieder, warum ich damals #Pihole durch #Adguard ersetzt hatte:
Mir ging die nervige Passwortabfrage auf den Keks.

Das ist genau die gleiche Krankheit wie bei der #Fritzbox.
Ich sehe keinen vernünftigen Grund, warum ich an meinem Laptop immer wieder erneut zum Login genötigt werde.

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20.05.2024 14:50
lucas3d (@lucas3d@mastodon.social)

@fallenhitokiri Yes good reminder ;-), It's one of the reasons I have a second #pihole running on a Raspberry Pi. For now, I’m still using a #unifi router.

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20.05.2024 09:28
Samson (@Samson@social.kyiv.dcomm.net.ua)

Щось #pihole з оновленням почав глючити, і вирішив подивитись на #adguard
Потім скинув налаштування піхола до базових, і все нормалізувалось. Тоді виішив подивитись, хто працює швидше. - це adguard. відповів за real 0m0.411s - це pihile.
відповів за real 0m0.070s

Результат як то кажуть на лиці.

@ua @rada

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17.05.2024 16:23
schenklklopfer (@schenklklopfer@chaos.social)

@kuketzblog ich werde sicher nicht meinen #AdBlocker, den #PiHole deaktivieren und den #DNS meines Providers verwenden nur um das auszuschalten.

In der Zeit werden so viele Daten abfließen, die ich nie wieder zurückholen kann...

Aber bedeutet das im Umkehrschluss, dass AdBlocker, PiHole und geänderte DNS Server schon gut genug gegen den Mist schützen?

Oder kann man auch anders da raus?
Per Mail/Fax o.ä.?

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16.05.2024 23:48
rwg (@rwg@aoir.social)

pretty sure the free ride where I can watch Youtube videos with a #pihole blocking ads is over

oh, well

there's always #invidious

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16.05.2024 19:26
thraeryn (@thraeryn@hackers.town)

Hey, #AdBlock and #PiHole fans:
#YouTube switched things up recently, and now I get ads again. Has anyone got a good #PiHoleBlocklist I can add to catch a few of these?

Boosts most assuredly welcome.

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14.05.2024 20:01
Polynomial_C (@Polynomial_C@mastodon.social)

Block #ads at home with #pihole


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14.05.2024 10:17
mars1024 (@mars1024@techhub.social)

The ad-spam-situation on the web is terrible! 🤢

My #DNS -level filter went offline for a while, and a bunch of ads and in-page popups jump-scared me! 🤕

Also: I would like to thank services like #PiHole, #DNSForge, & #NextDNS for the great work that they do -- by blocking ads+trackers -- to keep us SANE and SAFE! 😇😇😇

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13.05.2024 05:04
jessienab (@jessienab@wetdry.world)

Spam is being sent in DMs on #freecycle. another URL to block

https :// service-v dot contact-click334 dot com

#phising #scam #pihole #piholeblocklist

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12.05.2024 21:30
CppGuy (@CppGuy@infosec.space)

Is your e-mail web based such as Hotmail or Gmail or do you use an application such as Outlook?


How many devices do you use to read your e-mails?

Private: two; work: two.

Are any of these devices publicly accessible by other users?


Do you have a strong password (don’t ask for password)?


Are you aware of any ways in which your contacts can be shared or accessed by other applications?

It's possible that an Android application is stealing them, but I deny permissions wherever possible, refuse to have anything to do with #Meta, and use #Blokada and #PiHole
to reduce tracking.

Do any of the devices you use have spam filtering, malware or antivirus software installed?

Yes, all of them.

Do you know what ‘phishing’ is?


Web browsing audit questionnaire.

Which browser do you use?


Do you surf the web on multiple devices?


Do you have Adware, Malware, Spyware or Antivirus software installed?


Do you have a strong password for every site you need a username and password for?

Yes: strong and unique.

Do you save your username and password on the devices?

It's complicated.

Do you always use the same passwords?


Do you purchase from online websites?


Are you able to identify if a site is safe to purchase from?

I do my best, but it's much more complex than just looking for a padlock in the address bar! So far, I've been scammed only twice, both times on eBay.

Have you heard of the term ‘pharming’?


Social media audit questionnaire.

Which social networking sites or applications do you use?

The Fediverse.

On how many devices do you connect to social networking sites?


Do you have a strong password to log into your social networking site?


How many hours a day are you logged in on these sites?

Too many!

Roughly how many Friends do you have and do you know everyone on your list?

Across all my alts, about a thousand — and no.

Are you aware of who is able to see your posts?


Do you display personal information on the site such as Date Of Birth, mobile number?

Certainly not.

Do you post real time statuses that tag where you are?

No, that would tell you when my house was empty.

Do any applications in your social networking software post on your behalf or have access to your personal information?


Is there anything you post you feel uncomfortable about showing online?

Yes: anything that would identify me.

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10.05.2024 10:19
lucas3d (@lucas3d@mastodon.social)

@pax0707 @xaseiresh Thanks for the advice. For the people interested, you can find good information on running #pihole in an #tailscale environment at their website tailscale.com/kb/1114/pi-hole

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