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11.07.2024 03:57
fsf (@fsf@hostux.social)

Is your school forcing you to use #Zoom, #Skype, or other proprietary videoconferencing software to learn or teach? Freedom is important to education. Read about freedom-respecting choices at u.fsf.org/311

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10.07.2024 23:16
multiverseofbadness (@multiverseofbadness@toot.wales)

#Zoom .. yes Zoom.. chief people officer is like : "dude if you live close to one of our offices you can fuck off with your #wfh because.. productivity!"

..while of course living over 50 miles away so he gets to work remotely in perpetuity.. but that's different dawg because, to quote him : "I think I can manage people at Zoom effectively while working fully remotely"


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10.07.2024 11:07
barbara (@barbara@assemblag.es)

I have a #Zoom meeting next week. I know that my MBP cannot handle Zoom; it overheats and the video quality is always abysmal.

Is there a way to access a Zoom call on #macOS (Monterey) in a browser, so without the bloatware? I use Firefox, Safari 17.5, and – if nothing else works – the DDG browser.

Or maybe there's a #FOSS solution for me. I will not be able to talk the other person out of using Zoom.

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09.07.2024 17:21
umbracymru (@umbracymru@umbracocommunity.social)

For this month's virtual meetup, @CorneHoskam will be giving us a deep dive into the awesome uMarketingSuite package! 🙌

And afterwards we will be having a #Codegarden retrospective! 🚀

Please RSVP via our meetup page for the Zoom link ⬇️⬇️

#Umbraco #Meetup #UmbracoMeetup #dotnet #Virtual #Zoom #Demos

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09.07.2024 12:51
p (@p@pixelfed.social)
Midjourney Prompt: "a blurred image of a beach bar surrounded by palms and ocean in the background --ar 16:9 --v 6.0" cc0 #OER #Zoom #Background

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08.07.2024 11:23
benedikt (@benedikt@ruhr.social)

@geant Sounds like an interesting topic, but why do you use #zoom for your meetings? Wouldn't #edumeet clouds.geant.org/edumeet-commu be a more privacy respecting alternative (or #bigbluebutton, #jitsimeet, #opentalk)?

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08.07.2024 03:25
darrell73 (@darrell73@mastodon.online)

So I just got my Zoom H1Essential recorder. I'm setting it up, but, when I press the up or down soft keys, menu values don't seem to change, so that, for example, setting the day just stays at "21" after pressing up, down, etc. Does anyone out here have any ideas why and what I can do about this? #Zoom #accessibility #blind

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07.07.2024 16:30
ASegar (@ASegar@mastodon.social)

What's the best way to hold a discussion online? I explain how to use the tried-and-true in-person fishbowl process online.


#facilitation #online #discussion #HowTo #fishbowl #FishbowlSandwich #Zoom #eventprofs

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06.07.2024 00:21
darrell73 (@darrell73@mastodon.online)

Hey. What Windows or web-based app does everyone like these days for transcribing recorded audio in to text? I'm especially looking for the best speech recognition quality and, of course, #accessibility is a must. I've got a #Zoom #H1 #Essential recorder on the way which I plan to use in part for recording notes at #DisabilityIn which I will ultimately want in text form. #AI Thanks.

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04.07.2024 20:37
idunn (@idunn@mas.to)

#funny #humor #lol #zoom #zoom_meetings #work #workhumor #escape

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02.07.2024 20:07
freeschool (@freeschool@qoto.org)

🗣️ 🔈 Jami = better "Skype and Zoom" ?...

All platforms :windows: :linux: :linuxmint: :ubuntu:
jami.net/download-jami-windows :android:

Add any ID to start/connect (very quick P2P)

☑️ Free, open-source, secure,
☑️ End-to-end encrypted,
☑️ Voice, video and text communication platform... P2P

💻 Not relying on a central server 💻
🤫 Power of privacy 🤫
👤 Freedom in the hands of users (P2P) 👤

Jami by Savoir-faire Linux from Canada respecting user freedom and privacy, is mainly for point-to-point communication and SIP-based messaging, and has now become a GNU project.


#Jami #GNURing, #SFLphone #SIP #SimpleX #P2P #Jitsi ...

💣 Replace... 💣 #Skype 💥 #WhatsApp 💥 #Zoom 💥 #Discord 💥 #Facebook 💥 #Messenger 💥

✅ Communication

✔️ It supports real-time text messaging, audio/video calls,
✔️ file sharing
✔️ screen sharing,
✔️ recording/sending of audio/video content
✔️ SIP phoning

✔️ NO personal information to create an account
✔️ NO phone numbers and email addresses.
✔️ Local Network only? YES! Doesn’t even require an Internet connection. If people are on the same local network, they don’t need to be connected to the Internet to send messages to each other.
✔️ Use your computer as a phone to send messages while still confining your communications to within the local network.

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02.07.2024 15:26
Enora (@Enora@mastodon.art)

I have a Zoom H4 with the "no card" error on boot, when formatting or recording.

- Using recommended models of SD card by the manufacturer, tried 2 brands Stayed around 16-32GB in case it does not support more.
- Making sure the card is formatted in Fat32
- Using "format" option directly from the H4 (it leads to a "no card" error too).

Any tips or leads on what to try? I would like to resurrect this machine.

#askfedi #zoom #zoomh4 #zoomh4n

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